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The essay under the title "Word I in Academic Writing" states that reading through the texts of the book "Yes/No/Okay, But" & "And Yet", chapter five made the author curious because it presented an idea in persuasive research essay in the use of “I”…
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Word I in Academic Writing
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I read and examined the argument closely and I must say that the author made a very good point that indeed “I” can be used as a signal word without defeating the objectivity of a research essay.
While I agree that “I” can be used in academic essays without losing objectivity, I am worried that my instructors and professors may not look at it that way and instead construe it as a violation of the rules in academic writing. As a student, I am particularly conscious of following the requirements of my academic essays and reports because my grade depended on it. My agreement with Graff and Birkenstein, unfortunately, will not guarantee that my professors will accept my paper as a valid academic essay when I submit the essay requirement/s of my subjects. Getting a demerit on my grade just because I used the first-person pronoun is the last thing I wanted or having my paper returned to me for a rewrite or revision is also not encouraging for me to use the word “I” in my academic writing. Read More
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(Word I in Academic Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 276 Words)
Word I in Academic Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 276 Words.
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