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Academy Honesty - Essay Example

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Academic honesty has become highly relevant in today's context, when the advent of technology like internet, has made it easier for people to access wide ranging information and literatures…
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Academy Honesty
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Extract of sample "Academy Honesty"

Answer Academic honesty has become highly relevant in today's context, when the advent of technology like internet, has made it easier for people to access wide ranging information and literatures. Academic honesty basically refers to the scholars' fair intention to acknowledge the works of other scholars while putting forth their own interpretation on the issues and ideologies. Academic honesty is crucial in promoting original ideas and interpretation on issues and topics that are socially, economically and politically relevant. Besides being ethically correct, academic honesty fosters a new breed of innovative thinkers who have the power to influence the critically sensitive paradigms of our time which is fraught with conflicting ideologies and unholy alliances of the vested interests.
The purpose of academics is to generate knowledge which is multiplied through interpretation in various formats by scholars. The existing database of knowledge is explored, modified, corrected or even expanded with more fresh inputs by other scholars, thus promoting academic honesty, which relies on acknowledging the efforts of other people. Hence, academic honesty is an important tool to safeguard not only one's works but also to encourage originality and innovative writing in academia.
Answer 2
One can use academic honesty by acknowledging the efforts of other scholars and people through proper citations. The ideas and writings of other scholars are duly recognized by having a detailed bibliography, in one's work.
Answer 3
Academic honesty is critical to the advancement of knowledge and development of fresh ideas and perspectives on wide ranging issues. It also promotes sense of responsibility and integrity in the works of the scholars and helps to build mutual trust among the scholar community which is designed to foster creativity.
Violation of academic trust through plagiarism, cheating, falsifying information or aiding and abetting in any of the above mentioned activities are now serious offences and they are considered as totally unacceptable conduct in all areas of academics. The students and all other scholars are strictly advised to avoid indulging in activities which comprise of academic dishonesty and exhibit their fair intention by proper citations and comprehensive bibliography. Read More
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(Academy Honesty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Academy Honesty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Academy Honesty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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