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Writing Reflection Letter to future english professor - Essay Example

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When I came into this class, I did not understand a whole lot about writing proper essays, connecting the thesis to topic sentences, and properly citing sources…
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Writing Reflection Letter to future english professor
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Download file to see previous pages In the first essay (Tab 4 in black folder), Radiant Green Nuts: Adopting Healthier Eating Habits, the structure of essay was not written properly. The introduction did not have a thesis that made a claim about the ADS’ effectiveness for the specific audience and did not address how this AD targeted the specific audience for the magazine it appeared in. Not only the structure of essay was a mess but it had so many spelling errors and it showed my lack of attention when writing the essay. In the revised paper, I moved the first paragraph to 2nd paragraph and created a new introduction (Tab 2). Unlike the first draft, the new introduction explains the effectiveness to a specific audience and how the well-designed ad with detailed visual information impacted the specific target then connected to the original introduction. Instead of speeding through my essay writing, I paid more close attention on my revised paper by correcting the spelling, improving the structure, and connecting the thesis to topic sentences. Rather than rushing to finish my paper, I now take my time to read through it and look for necessary changes to make in order to improve it before finalization.
In the second compare/contrast essay in Tab 4, I spent more time on making changes and putting my thoughts into the paper but again struggled with specifying topic sentences. Although the concept of my view of friendship as a quilt work in, The Quilt Work of Friendship: The Likes and Contrary, was original and attention-catching, my topic sentences again were broad. In the first draft, the topic sentences in second and third paragraphs were broad and I used the knowledge gained from my English 101 class to focus and enhance the topic sentences to be specific and to ensure that they were flowing well. Keeping the topic sentences specific and connected to thesis were the hardest tasks for me. In the final paper (Tab 3), I made my topic sentence more specific from, “As well as our ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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