7 Foster homes in 14 years for lexi - Essay Example

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She drops every focus on herself and dedicates her life to the betterment of her children’s lives. The effect of this is pampering and making the twins feel belittled rather than given the opportunity to make…
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7 Foster homes in 14 years for lexi
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information 7 Foster Homes in 14 Years for Lexi Jude is a single woman with two twins, Mia and Zach to bring up. She drops every focus on herself and dedicates her life to the betterment of her children’s lives. The effect of this is pampering and making the twins feel belittled rather than given the opportunity to make their own decisions.
Zach is a good-looking son with clear confidence which makes his mother less worried as opposed to Mia. Zach falls in love with Lexi. Lexi is a foster child who has been bounced from one foster home to the next for fourteen years. Lexi’s time in the system makes her vulnerable to little good things thus takes the blame when the family is involved in an accident.
Jude is a mother who is used to controlling the lives of her children and taking Lexi under her wing. This makes it impossible to control the effect she has on her twins. She tries to follow her dreams by making Zach to accompany Mia to college for protection. Mia’s friendship with Lexi is as a result of her loneliness and shyness from the world.
Lexi is a girl who never experienced motherly love due to her drug addict mother who finally overdose leaving her with her aunt Eva. Her mother kept her in and out of foster homes which leaves her with low self-esteem, and the drive to do the right thing for the protection of those she cares about. The drug problem of Lexi’s mother robs her the chance of a family security, warm and wellbeing which she finds in the small town with her aunt Eva. This leads to her open welcoming into her life Zach and Mia when they show her empathy despite everyone else dismissing her. This is further shown by her taking responsibility for the accident and her reunion with her past fears. She easily becomes friends with Mia for her longing for family. Mia brings this feeling to her and her mother has no choice but to keep her close for the sake of her shy daughter.
Loyalty, love and friendship which is challenged during the accident at Night Road results into the people involved to struggle with pain, feeling of guilt and loss many years later. It brings out Lexi’s maturity from a young teenager into a mature woman with a glimpse of the future.
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Hannah, Kristin. Night Road. New York: St. Martins Press, 2011. Print. Read More
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7 Foster Homes in 14 Years for Lexi Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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