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Speaking skill in teaching English as second language - Essay Example

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With English becoming compulsory subject in most schools, the problem of language anxiety has emerged as a common problem among Japanese EFL learners. Some common factors attributed to such anxiety are fear…
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Speaking skill in teaching English as second language
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Download file to see previous pages ational process focuses more on evaluation framework which is unlike Western process of education, and this instills fear of committing errors in Japanese EFL learners. Therefore, EFL teachers should focus on creating informal ambiance within the classroom and establishing positive relationship among students from different cultural backgrounds so that Japanese learners can shed their language anxiety in front of others.
Today, English has become a common language to be taught in schools all over the world. For this purpose, schools are making broad use of technology in combination with second language theories. The idea is to adapt the best available practice that can enhance learning of English as second language. Any process that has been proved by previous research to yield best results is regarded as the best practice. It essentially includes “commitment of a teacher who is willing to use the knowledge and techniques at his or her disposal to ensure student success” (Li, 2013, p.218).
Foreign language anxiety is increasingly becoming a common phenomenon among learners, and it is rapidly gaining attention among researchers for its significant impact on a learner’s ability to learn and retain a new language. This paper focuses on Japanese EFL learners’ fear of speaking English. Recommendations have been provided on how to overcome such fear.
Although English has become a compulsory subject in most secondary and tertiary institutions in Japan, it is still an extremely common phenomenon that Japanese people exhibit poor English communication skills. Every year, millions of dollars are spent for making Japanese people proficient in English with the help of native or non-native English speaking teachers. Many Japanese students even travel to Western countries to learn English. There are many accepted theories that tend to explain poor English speaking skills among the Japanese. One such theory blames the geographical location of the country that isolates ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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