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Word recognition/decoding skills, and prior knowledge are factors which affect reading proficiency. Discuss these in detail and critically evaluate the ways in which they affect the literacy development of EAL learners - Essay Example

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English is the most widely spoken language in the world reaching out and influencing a major chunk of this planets population across geographic, demographic, cultural and philosophical boundaries. The language is taught and learnt by people across the spectrum in a variety of…
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Word recognition/decoding skills, and prior knowledge are factors which affect reading proficiency. Discuss these in detail and critically evaluate the ways in which they affect the literacy development of EAL learners
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Extract of sample "Word recognition/decoding skills, and prior knowledge are factors which affect reading proficiency. Discuss these in detail and critically evaluate the ways in which they affect the literacy development of EAL learners"

Download file to see previous pages 2) English language learning for people who intend to move into the Anglosphere (The English speaking countries, with English been given state status).
The demarcation of these two classifications has led to divergent uses of terminology, vastly differing nomenclature, teaching techniques, learning methodologies and even usage and technology, as a result the differences between these two forms of English language learning have only ossified into a strict division of the two, each one possessing its unique schools of training, qualifications, objectives, teaching methodologies, class composition, student/ teacher demographics and even funding and financing sources(Alvermann & Montero 2003).
This paper aims in analyzing three main factors, the problems faced by children who do not have English as mother tongue in learning the language, how their understanding of the language affect their general level of following other subjects, the methods teachers use to educate them and an evaluation of the systems.
As previously mentioned, English language learning divided into two broad schools of learning has developed distinct and differing terms and nomenclatures. Here we will try and classify and state some of the most commonly used terms in English language learning, especially for students with a non-English speaking background or culture. There are various ways in which English as additional language learning is classified, it is also known as ESOL or English for speakers of other languages, EAL English as an additional language or more commonly EFL, English as a foreign language.
The differences in these different terms can be explained by means of exploring the different usages and contexts in which they are applied, specifically in terms of geographic, demographic and functional differences. ELT is a term used keeping the teachers in perspective, it is an acronym for English Language Teaching, however it is also known as TESL, Teaching English as a second ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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