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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Reading Recovery Programme in Raising Literacy Levels of Lower Ability Pupils: a Study of Primar - Dissertation Example

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Evaluating the effectiveness of Reading Recovery Programme in raising literacy levels of lower ability pupils: A study of primary teachers’ and leaders’ perspectives.   By  Jessan Safran Ali       A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the MA Education Leadership and Management…
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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Reading Recovery Programme in Raising Literacy Levels of Lower Ability Pupils: a Study of Primar
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"Evaluating the Effectiveness of Reading Recovery Programme in Raising Literacy Levels of Lower Ability Pupils: a Study of Primar"

Download file to see previous pages On top of discussing ways in which the RRP can be improved in terms of developing the literacy skills of lower ability pupils, this study will seek to identify and analyze the teachers’ and school leaders’ perspectives on the effectiveness of RRP. Based on the gathered primary and secondary research, several strategies were established in order to benefit the lower ability pupils within the primary school settings. There are many ways in which the primary teachers and school leaders could further improve the learning abilities of less competitive students. As part of discussing strategic ways on how the RRP can be improved, this study highlighted several ways on how the primary teachers and school leaders could take advantage of strengthening their individual leadership skills when dealing with lower ability pupils. In analyzing the individual perspective of primary teachers and school leaders in the proposed further improvements of the existing RRP, the researcher managed to reflect on her personal experiences on RR sessions aside from critically analyze the gathered literature review. By doing so, the researcher was able to draw on the practical and theoretical advantages and disadvantages of leadership management in teaching profession. Acknowledgements I would like to take this opportunity to thank first of all Allah, for giving me the strength and courage to complete this full-time MA Education and Leadership programme along with working full-time in a Primary school. Thank you Abbu, Ammu, and my siblings for giving me unconditional love and support in allowing me to complete my MA degree. I would like to express gratitude to my wonderful uncle Faruque for motivating me time and time again to take this MA programme; and for believing without a doubt that I can achieve it. Special thanks to my wonderful and loving husband Ron, without his continuous support and sacrifices I will not be able to complete this course. Also, to my in-laws whose patience will always be remembered. In addition, I would like to thank all my fellow colleagues and pupils who participated in this study. Without your valuable contribution, it could be more difficult for me to complete this research study. Lastly, I would like to express immense gratitude to my dissertation tutor, Agnieszka Bates and my module convenor Anthony Thorpe for their support and guidance throughout my MA. Your help in every step and efforts throughout this course is sincerely appreciated. Table of Contents Executive Summary …………………………………………….....….….... ii Acknowledgements …………………………………………………......….. iii Table of Contents …………………………………………………..……...... iv 1. Introduction ………………………………………………….…......... 1 1.1 Aims, Purpose, and Research Objectives ……………. 2 1.2 Rationale behind the Chosen Research Topic and Research Questions …………………………………….. 3 1.3 Scope and Limitations ………………………………….. 6 2. Literature Review … ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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