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We are all born equal, but lately for some reasons some people become bad when others keep staying virtuous. Of course it is the actual course of life and certain circumstances what makes people who they are, but are we able to change ourselves…
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Writing for life
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Hello, my dear friend. Recently I’ve been thinking about some things happened in my life and what they showed me about myself. Actually I believe thetruth I’ve learned is about all people.
Let’s start with the following. We are all born equal, but lately for some reasons some people become bad when others keep staying virtuous. Of course it is the actual course of life and certain circumstances what makes people who they are, but are we able to change ourselves when it feels like we are at the wrong path of life? Sometimes I don’t feel like I am a good person and what I do is right. Moreover, if I hear about some immoral situation happened with somebody, and I try to put myself in bad person’s place, I realize that had I been this person, I would have done the same bad thing. It turns out that I am the kind of person who is able to make something bad. And the fact that I have this potential makes me feel uncomfortable. So I decided to work with myself to make sure that if one day I find myself in situation of a harsh choice, I will not make a wrong decision.
The point is that we always judge others. We believe that we know what is good and bad and we give ourselves this right to judge others. But in fact, considering every single situation deeply and putting ourselves in somebody’s place we may find that we would act the same way. And still we keep judging. But if we know how to act properly to be good, why often we don’t do it? I want to believe that people can be changed; moreover, I think people can change themselves. Because frequently it happens that something really bad changes person’s way of thinking, and she or he decides to make some personal changes. Does it mean that some sad event is the only way to start your personal changes? I think it’s not. Noticing some bad part in my personality makes me think of changing it into a good one, so I make decision to work on my personal qualities. Obviously working on my personality is hard for me, because I almost struggle with myself. This struggle is the most difficult thing in the world, because your personality is the only thing you can’t hide from. But when I think of results I’ll receive lately I feel that these difficult attempts of mine on the way to my virtue are worth being made.
I hope sooner or later more and more people will come to the same conclusions as I have. This understanding of the truth that everything in my will and I’m responsible for my personality and only I can change it – it is definitely something inspiring. I wish you to experience the same, my dear friend. Read More
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