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Date How writing has influenced my life I am really impressed by my current writing skills as it has influenced my life positively. I can attribute my writing largely to the South African schooling system, which has given me the foundation to enhance my reading and writing abilities and to be a writer that I am today…
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How writing has influenced my life
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Download file to see previous pages When I engage in writing frequently either for academic or leisure reasons, I am always amazed at how better and quickly my writing, reading, and verbal communication skills have improved. I have realized that when one engages in writing, it becomes easier for him or her to share experiences, make him or herself understood, and to describe feelings. Secondly, writing makes me a better and critical thinker. Since writing involves efforts to create content that is clear and succinct, as well as revealing new ways of looking at common things, it has helped me to become a better and critical thinker. It has improved how I think about certain things and how I perceive other people’s views and perspectives. I now think of social, political, and economic issues much differently due to my writing. In addition, writing has made me a better listener; when I engage in conversations, listen to interviews and watch people speak, I listen with a writer’s ear. Before starting being a writer, I was a relatively poor listener and I did not pay attention to details. However, that has changed since I became a writer as I have become a better listener who pays attention to details and often find my head filling up with ideas as other people speak or while engaging in a conversation. Related to the benefit of becoming a better listener, is the benefit of becoming a better speaker. Writing on various topics has helped me to produce some of the best presentation materials. I speak like I speak and often I speak to sell an idea that I have written about. I find it much easier to state my ideas clearly; writing has improved my ability to articulate ideas quickly in any setting. The habit of writing has shaped my ability to create meaningful sentences and to express my thoughts. It has helped me to transform how I approach public and even individual-based speaking settings. The practice of writing on a frequent basis has turned me into a better person in many other ways. It has kept me focused on learning; writing requires a high-level of discipline in creating interesting content in a way that needs one to research and study a lot. Considering that one cannot write haphazardly, writing has kept me focused to learn more, particularly on what needs to be written and what does not need to be written. I have applied this approach in my life as well by focusing largely on what I consider beneficial in my life and trying as much as possible to avoid what I do not consider as necessary. It has also given me a sense of urgency in figuring out what is important at a particular time and place in life. It keeps my forward progress on course as it prevents me from starting down the slippery slope of procrastination. More importantly, writing has influenced my life by allowing me to create bigger ideas. The habit of creating and producing content affords one an opportunity to create bigger ideas that can be repurposed and reshaped for other settings. In conclusion, the above explanation clearly indicates that writing has positively influenced my life. Engaging in writing on a frequent basis has positively shaped my feelings, memories, feelings, and brought enormous benefits in my life. Through writing, I have gained experience that is of great benefit to my personal potential and growth. As has been noted, writing has played a critical role in improving my communication skills; both verbal and written skills. In addition, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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