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How writing influences and changes a society - Essay Example

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It is clear from advanced literature analysis that today writing has not been limited to the traditional forms of texts, rather it has gained in popularity as a major analytical method in social science research fields such as communications studies, sociology, and anthropology. …
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How writing influences and changes a society
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Download file to see previous pages Many literature analysts believe that while looking at only one dimension of writing interchanges, educational, institutional, professional, and social settings limits the potentiality of writing discourse and the means through which writing enters into the dynamic unfolding of situations and events. To understand various modes in which writing possess an influence on our minds, we need to explore the practices that people engage in to produce texts as well as the ways that writing practices gain their meanings and functions as dynamic elements of specific cultural settings. Traditionally, writing has elucidated the motivation factor behind scriptures and text analysis, which for centuries have demonstrated human nature while examining the limitations of the meanings, humans predicted from writing. As earliest as writing within scriptural religions, we can see that religion was a start to influence people with written sacred texts. It was due to the writings that bestowed upon the then people, motivation to fit themselves into sophisticated culture and form a part of modernized society. The initial examples of writing influences were that from the meaning people could opt out of holy books such as the Bible, Talmud and Koran. Of course these sacred books while determining a precise culture of humanity, initiated to what we call today as 'philosophy' and other intellectual endeavors that later involved criticizing claims of opponents, which motivated analysis of texts to find flaws in reasoning, confusions, or other limitations. Sacred writings also evolved a sense of legal/illegal among the people for which written law became a matter of precedence, followed by written legal briefs which became important to determine what the law really said, what the loopholes were, how precedents could be used to argue one side or another, what the weaknesses and strengths were of opposing arguments.
The power of writing has always attempted to make changes in a society and no doubt that it has remained successful in diverting its audience to acknowledge the power of pen. But in order to make desirable changes, it has not hesitated to present before the society a mirror, through which the audience has accepted their cultural loopholes and foremost weaknesses. Therefore it is said that a society is reflected in the literature, it is not the literature that reflects a society. However, many authors believe that literature predicts the hegemony and culture of society. One can see that cultural text anthologies of rhetoric have become histories, since they are primarily concerned with displaying a sense of order and continuity, and also because of the reason that such rhetorics displayed the time it wrote in the literature. It would be naive to consider anthologies as mere ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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