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Religion and Social Change in West Africa - Assignment Example

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The paper “Religion and Social Change in West Africa” seeks to evaluate changes in the way individuals in a community interact with their immediate environment and factors that challenge their being. Technology refers to the innovations that make work easier and produce more sustainable…
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Religion and Social Change in West Africa
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Extract of sample "Religion and Social Change in West Africa"

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Social change refers to changes in the way individuals in a community interact with their immediate environment and factors that challenge their being. In this sense, social change takes into account the manner in which people co-exist with one another taking into consideration factors that shape how these individuals survive within the society. For instance, the 21st century has invited social change that is driven by a number of factors among them new education systems, the use of virtual intelligence for surveillance reasons, organized governance, and trading of ideas amongst communities. However, while social change depends on factors that influence social ties such as family trees, immediate environment, or input from the society in general; it has been documented that social change is not all-round positive. In some instances, community members have been observed learning from one other but applying that knowledge in an unethical sense. Contemporary society requires community members to use technology partly as a way of making processes quicker and increasing individual output both in an academic and commercial sense. However, as part of the negative impact of social change, technology has been used in committing major crimes among them violence, identity theft, and promotion of the pornography industry (Glewwe, Hanushek, & Humpage pp. 11-17).
With reference to social change in the sense of how people communicate. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Religion and Social Change in West Africa Assignment.
(Religion and Social Change in West Africa Assignment)
Religion and Social Change in West Africa Assignment.
“Religion and Social Change in West Africa Assignment”.
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