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The influence of media of Europe and United States America on Middle East and compare the usage - Essay Example

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The extent of which the media does coverage of the Arab-Israel conflict by the scope of journalists through the international news media receives criticism of biases in coverage through the view of independent observers. Through these perceptions of bias, with some of them…
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The influence of media of Europe and United States America on Middle East and compare the usage
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Extract of sample "The influence of media of Europe and United States America on Middle East and compare the usage"

Download file to see previous pages Middle East media, particularly in areas of satellite televisions, which eventually raises pertinent questions in regards to the nature and influence of this information explosion. According to Pollack (2011 p.45), tensions between United State and the European Union have been occurring repeatedly since the 2003 Iraq war. It eventually ended up affecting the many areas of the Middle East policy as a result of media coverage. However, none of these states has been able to encapsulate on these tensions as compared to the quest of achieving advanced democracy in the region. The aim of writing this paper is to examine the role of contemporary media coverage, especially television, from both the European and United States America sources on Middle East while also comparing the usage.
According to Wehrey (2010), the Middle East region remains to be one of the most cultural and the political intricate regions through the entire world. The Middle East region operates with three religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, whereby all of them trace their origins to the Middle East. Through the presence of rich and diversified cultural history, the Middle East region of today is struggling to find a balance between the “western” culture and modernization. Most of the influence comes from United States media and the other from European media, with the traditional and religious values of the Middle East region. In some part, due to the struggle and the existent region’s diversity, the media is occupying a special place in the Middle Easter society and its related politics.
Bennett & Paletz (1994) also present their views that the media influences all works of life and exercise a profound and an incalculable influence. Coverage on some significant issues such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is an area that occupies the center stage of the media, with the dissatisfaction fed by the media retaining the capacity of spilling out into the street. It is apparent that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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