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Ever since I completed my examinations, I have been filled with anxiety about how sweet life after high school would be with no dawns and late night flipping over voluminous books. I know exactly how most of you, if not all, are feeling right now. As the saying goes, all that…
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High school graduation speech
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High School Graduation Speech Ever since I completed my examinations, I have been filled with anxiety about how sweet life after high school would be with no dawns and late night flipping over voluminous books. I know exactly how most of you, if not all, are feeling right now. As the saying goes, all that has a beginning must have an end. However, am not trying to instill a culture of laziness in you because we still have a long way to go. This is only the end of a beginning and we must all focus on the future. It is a good spirited fight we have fought and like any war, victory must be rewarded. Unfortunately, in this kind of war, every warrior is often rewarded differently based on individual effort. How would learning be if we all knew that the end result would be the same? If only we knew that we would all be given a certain grade during graduation. Sincerely, I would recall all those cold nights and dawns I spent on books and I know some of us are already allergic to the term “books” at least for sometime before embarking on college journey.
If your heart is not thumping as hard as mine right now, then you must be of the most unique types in the history of education. As we spend our last chapter of high school together, we must acknowledge that we are all different. This morning as I was brushing my teeth, I looked at my hand and was trying to imagine why my fingers have varying lengths. Even though I could not establish a very good answer, I realized that we are like our fingers. Every one of us has a distinct capacity and talent. We are all achievers in our own ways. However, do not forget that education is a single train that does not care about other strengths, but what you can show academically. And today, your performance in examination will determine if you are to proceed to the next level or not. I hope I will be among those who get into the next train for I have grown too huge to continue ridding on this one.
However, for those who will not make it, this is not the end of the road. All you need is to review your path and rectify where things went wrong. The next time you are in a math class and something does not seem to sink deep into that head, do not think twice: just ask. What harm will it do you if people think you are dumb? It is true people will laugh at you and even mock you, but in the long-run, the mockery shall have died and you will be holding on to what you learnt. Perhaps, this is why you failed, you never asked for fear of people making fun of you! Failure is not the end of life, but should be embraced as a crucial learning point. Laurence G. Weinzimmer and Jim McConoughey (2013) argued that failure provides invaluable learning opportunity (5). The pain that you feel now is enough of an experience to make you work hard next time. In his article, Amy C. Edmondson asserted that “the wisdom of learning from failure is incontrovertible” (Para 1). However, I must confess that I never want to learn through experience of failure even though it is a hard fact that we all must fail at some point to learn crucial things that we missed. My prayer is that we all keep our hope alive and continue with hard work as we face challenging future head-on. Though we will depart physically after this graduation, we shall forever remain one in spirit.
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