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The Six Secrets of Change Grade Course (25th, March. 2013) The book “The Six Secrets of Change” by Michael Fullan Speech According to the book “The Six Secrets of Change” by Michael Fullan, good leaders must play a role in enhancing the role of their organizations to develop, survive and thrive (Fullan, 2008)…
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EDLE 640 - Assignment 1
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, much as we would commit ourselves to achieving our goals or the goals of the organizations we work with, it must all start with loving the other people. Therefore, the first secret to successful leadership, according to Fullan is, Love Your Employees (Fullan, 2008). While being hindered by others in the course of a goal attainment mission, realizing full potential becomes practically impossible. Therefore, the necessity to Connect Peers with a Purpose; which is the second secret to good leadership as discussed by Fullan, becomes necessary. Connecting the peers with ones purpose and objective; personal, professional or organizational, enhances and facilities the goal attainment (Fullan, 2008). Thus connectivity with the people should be much more than just collaborating with them. It requires more of firm interconnection of the peers, and upholding capacity building as the priority for the organization. Facilitating the free social interactions within the peers and creating a favorable environment for them to engage in creativity and innovation, without the fear of being reprimanded for failure, allows individuals to move out of their comfort zones and engage in more risky affairs, which eventually develops full human capacity (Fullan, 2008). While we work towards realizing our goals with the interest of the other people at the fore front, the goal attainment mission becomes justifiable as a personal initiative, and also as a societal collaboration towards a better life for ourselves and for the rest. Social collaboration is enhanced through applying the third secret as discussed by Fullan, which is to ensure Capacity Building Prevails. I have lived in three different countries in the course of my education and professional development; born in Australia, studying in the USA and gaining working experience in London. But in all these movements, I have found that valuing other people is what counts much towards any progress and development, personal, professional or organizational, since it is only through the support of others, that an individual can realize their full potential, and thus help their organizations to achieve the optimum (Fullan, 2008). Offering leadership and ability demonstration opportunities is fundamental to the development of individuals. Thus, having the mentality that Learning is the Work; forms the fourth secret towards successful leadership. This point to the fact that; learning is the main job within any job, since knowledge and experience improvement forms the basis of career and professional development, as well as personal growth (Fullan, 2008). While individuals are exercising their duties and mandates in the work place, they should not cease to learn, because working with others and through others helps to develop the full potential, and reawakens the talents hidden within an individual’s ability. My first promotion to a high leadership position was when I was 28 years, while teaching at St Mary’s Parish School in Warren, where I was promoted to the rank of Assistant Principal. This enabled me to exercise my teaching roles, while at the same time learning how to lead an institution, an experience that put my everyday as a purely learning day. Within the one year period that I spent as the Assistant Principa ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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