Why America Can Be Called a Land of Unlimited Opportunity - Essay Example

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The integration of the different cultures resulted in a cultural diversified population and a new way of life (Saxe, 2006). In fact, the American culture is compatible to…
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Why America Can Be Called a Land of Unlimited Opportunity
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America, the Land of Unlimited Opportunities America, the land of opportunities America is a country of immigrants where various cultures joined and formed a unique blend of population. The integration of the different cultures resulted in a cultural diversified population and a new way of life (Saxe, 2006). In fact, the American culture is compatible to almost all countries of the world. America has developed to be one of the most influence developed nations in the world. In essence, it is the world’s most superior economic power.
The American government has ensured security, fair treatment and freedom to all its citizens and foreign visitors. These provisions offer the citizens and visitors an opportunity to work hard and without fear to own property. The American industrial growth rises every year. The continued industrial and economic growth, increases job opportunities and subsequently creates more employment.
America is among the world nations with the best transport infrastructure. The availability of outstanding transport facilities like the electric trains, unmatched road system, unique airports and harbor has boosted business and economic empowerment projects. People get to jobs on time; trading activities are made easier and timely. Business opportunities are endless in America.
America is among the world nations with the most outstanding technology. In fact, technological innovations are made on regular basis. Advancement in technology has made life easier and also created more job opportunities.
The rate of investment in America is very high. The vast land masses give room for investment. Consequently, the American government support both public and private investment making America to be among the best places to invest across the world. Additionally, investment is also boosted by the strong security mechanisms put in place. In fact, America has the most powerful security and military forces on the globe. In essence, opportunities in American cannot be exhausted.
Saxe, D. (2006). Land and liberty I: a chronology of traditional American history. Boca Raton, Fla. : Brown Walker Press Read More
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