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Cultural Inequality: If I Were a Poor Black Kid by Gene Marks - Book Report/Review Example

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An author of the following paper seeks to describe his reflection on an article about racial discrimination and equality in the US. The writer claims that if he fell into the category of black kids, the first thing would be to work hard in order to attain the best grades…
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Cultural Inequality: If I Were a Poor Black Kid by Gene Marks
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Extract of sample "Cultural Inequality: If I Were a Poor Black Kid by Gene Marks"

Download file to see previous pages s owe to the fact that the spread between the poor and the rich has widened over decades, on the other hand, opportunities for ninety-nine percent have turned out to be an unachievable dream.
Mr. Barrack Obama’s speech left me thinking very hard. All my children are no smarter as compared to kids of their age from the inner city of America. All my kids find it much easier as compared to their counterparts from western Philadelphia. Generally, the world appears unfair to those children simply because these kids had the misfortune of being brought into the world two miles apart into the world that is more difficult and being blessed with a skin color that prevents them from realizing the opportunities that President Barrack Obama was referring to. This is a fact presently.
I don’t fall into the category of poor black kid; I am just a middle-aged white person originating from a white middle-class background. It simply means that life was much simpler for my case. It is my sincere belief that everybody in America has the opportunity to succeed; even a poor black child from West Philadelphia.
It takes several things such as brains, hard work, little help from others and a little luck as well as available skills to utilize the resources that are in place. For instance technology; technology can greatly change how we utilize the resources we have at hand to benefit us greatly.
In case I fell into the category of black kids, the first thing would be to work hard in order to attain the best grades. I would prioritize it minus care whether I come from a public middle school built at the inner city. It is true that even the worst normally have their best. In addition, the very best students in the middle public schools usually have great opportunities. Getting good grades is key to everything and this needs no more explanation. If one performs poorly in these middle schools, it implies that he is limiting the limited opportunities available. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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