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In an overview, Hooks provides an insightful analysis of the topic of feminist consciousness. She provides a comprehensive description of this concept. She also talks about self-recovery as well as how to overcome white…
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Talking Back
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A Speech on “Talking Back” by Bell Hooks Bell Hooks’ book, “Talking Back” is very interesting. In an overview, Hooks provides an insightful analysis of the topic of feminist consciousness. She provides a comprehensive description of this concept. She also talks about self-recovery as well as how to overcome white and male supremacy. A large portion of the book also talks about intimate relationships. The book is comprised of a number of essays that describe the author’s feelings about being black and the entire concept of feminism in the United States.
In an interesting manner, Hooks narrates her own experiences. She describes how she was brought up in the Southern, which was dominated by male dominance. In her own words, Hooks narrates that she grew up in a father-dominated household. In addition, she attended a segregated high school. Nevertheless, she struggles to find herself. She narrates of her experiences while striding in California and Wisconsin in predominately-white universities. Whale there, she had to contend with a series of racism and sexism incidences. She however learnt to deal with such ordeals. The racism and sexism that characterized her schooling did not deter her from attaining her dream. She grew up to become a prominent writer.
Deep in the book, Hooks dedicates some of the essay towards the general discussion of the plight of women in the United States, particularly black women. She narrates how the women’s movement and its role in the society. Hooks also talks about white supremacy and its impact on feminism. In addition, she narrates how black homophobia had dominated the United States and how it perpetrated racism. She also mentions number of racist feminists. Other general topics explored in the book include the politics at Yale as well as the significance of teaching women’s literature in schools. She also describes a series of intimate violence.
The book is more of an autograph. She provides a detailed description of some of the experiences she went through in her own life. Hooks manages to blend her own personal experiences with the occurrences in the society at the time. Through this book, she focuses on the interconnectivity that exists with race, class and gender and their ability to enhance and perpetrate oppression and domination. Hooks provides a comprehensive definition and description of oppression and domination. She also suggests ways through which we can end or avert these vices.
One quote that caught my attention is that in which Hooks states that “It is necessary for us to remember that as we think about domination, well all have the capacity to act in ways that oppress, dominate, and wound”(Hooks 126). Through this quote, one can easily understand that humans are vulnerable to oppression and domination. This explains why Hooks(167) argued that resisting oppression begins with resisting the potential oppressor within. It is also necessary to rescue the potential victim of oppression. According to her. This is the only way we can end domination and attain liberation.
In conclusion, I find Hooks book intriguing in many ways. Through the essays in the book, she manages to describe a wide range of aspects that perpetrated racism, classism, sexism and other forms of discrimination that dominated the American society. She describes how she overcame all these challenges and finally managed to attain her dream. For these and many other reason, this book is motivational and inspirational as well.
1. Do you agree with the author when she says that oppression begins by resisting the potential oppressor within?
2. Do you agree with me that Hooks’ book is not just interesting, but inspirational and motivational as well?
3. Do you agree with the author when she says that the women’s movement played a significant role in the promoting feminism?
4. Do you agree with the author when she says that racism, classism and gender discrimination perpetrate oppression and domination?
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Hooks, Bell. Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black. Boston, MA: South End Press, 1999. Print. Read More
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