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Proposal Assignment ( University Safety System ) - Essay Example

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Texas Wesleyan University safety system is important since it outlines the strategy necessary to meet the needs of students, staffs, lecturers and community for protection of property, personal safety and parking needs. Provides patrol services, technical services and parking…
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Proposal Assignment ( University Safety System )
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Download file to see previous pages Even though keeping student and occupants of Texas Wesleyan University require the effort of the whole community in general, the university is an important piece of the undertaking to keep staff and the students safe.
Safe institutions are purposeful and orderly places in which staff and students are free to teach and learn without the threat of psychological and physical harm. The safety systems in Texas Wesleyan University are weak thus Weak safety systems in this institution interfere with learning process. Strengthening safety system supports a proper learning environment that enables achievement of learning goals. Moreover, Weak safety systems reduce effective learning hours of every student. This has an impact on the grades and general life development. Improving safety systems will enhance their quality of education and life. It is therefore important to create a safety system for camps and the other utilities in Texas Wesleyan University
Analysis of Texas Wesleyan University safety system shows certain safety loopholes that require an action plan. As Blake (2 May 2014) states through an interview, Texas Wesleyan University do not have a perimeter wall to enhance physical safety, no surveillance cameras within the older dormitories and the students do not use access cards at the gates and the classes to gain access. Other problems he stated are drunk driving and the few call boxes which are necessary to enhance emergency action system. Increasing student population increases demand for safety systems. Unsafe learning environments will affect learning process. Old technology cannot beat with faster changing demands and different student needs.
People play a vital role in any safety program. This is because they provide guidelines with respect to safety policies, staffing, training and procedures. Texas Wesleyan University must come up with a clear safety policy. University safety policy is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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