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Now a day’s ample amount of importance to trust and trust is considered as key element of various relationships. Trust is a natural phenomenon and…
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Trust Introduction The word trust generally means the confidence and the dependence that one individual has on another individual (Castelfranchi 7). Now a day’s ample amount of importance to trust and trust is considered as key element of various relationships. Trust is a natural phenomenon and it occurs almost absolutely in a natural manner. A key underlying feature of any relationship is trust that a man and woman may place in each other while getting involved in an intimate relationship. It is even the basis of the relationship between the employer and the employee. This writing will focus upon trust, its existence and how it is used differently in different contexts.
There is quite a conflict in determining how trust comes into existence and how one may end up being confident about another person. For trust to exist, it is very important for two or more parties to exist. Trust is an outcome of hard work, persistence and dedication. In order to trust come into existence one individual needs to be confident about another individual. An individual can only show confidence in another individual if previously an individual has performed certain actions. For example: a student can only trust a teacher if the teacher has previously proved that whatever the teacher is teaching is actually real. This means that an individual has to perform certain activities in order to ensure that others trust them.
Trust is a very important element of society and has various functions. It is one of the most important elements of any relationship that is taking place between two or more individuals or parties. Trust is the knot that keeps people attached with each other. Without trust relationships cannot take place and if trust is broken, relationships come to an end. Trust is a very important element in leadership. Leaders are those who influence others to work in a certain direction and others only work in the direction provided by the leader if others trust them.
Trust is used in various contexts and may have different meanings. But the trust that is referred to the confidence that individuals have in each other is the most common way the term trust is used in the society. Trust is a term used in the context of real estate in which an individual may transfer his/her property to another individual on the basis of trust (Bellairs 99). Trust is used in the context of blind following that individuals have in the context of their religion and god.
The most common definition of trust is the confidence that two individuals have in each other or one individual has in another individual. Trust is an outcome of hard work and previous activities that have been performed by another individual. It is very important for the society to remain closely knitted with each other. It can be used in the context of religion as well as real estate but the most common way the term is used is to refer to the confidence and believe that one individual has in another individual.
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