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Human relations: The importance and role of trust in team performance - Essay Example

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At the present paper the relations between two dimensions of trust and workplace behavior schemes will be analyzed. The objects for the observations are behavior patterns that are logically interrelated with trust elements, as described by the scholars. …
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Human relations: The importance and role of trust in team performance
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Download file to see previous pages Trust has always been regarded by the scientists as a basic source of interaction within the society, but it hasn’t been considered as the element that is worth consideration or study. (Gambetta, 1988) But as soon as the collaborative approach to resolving the programs in organization appeared, the importance of empirical evidence related to the problem of trust became evident. Many scholars started to regard trust at a workplace from a horizontal perspective (trust among the colleagues), or a vertical perspective (trust of chief executors, leaders, managers). Thus these studies represent multi-dimensional approach to the examining trust on organizations.
There are two dimensions of trust among the people that are observed by the scholars. They are affect-based trust and cognitive-based trust. Attention is also paid to the effect of these types of trust on behaviors at the workplace. Trust of chief executives and the relation of this trust to key variables (intention to leave the company) are regarded by the scientists as well. It is possible to point out 5 hypotheses concerning trust among employees, chief executors and managers. But before observing these hypotheses it is necessary to observe literature on this topic.
Kuhnert and McCauley in 1992 stated that trust at the workplace is a frame consisting of multiple dimensions, vertical and lateral elements. Lateral trust is referred to “trusting” relations among the employees; vertical trust defines trust of employee towards his supervisor or subordinate. Both types of trust represent interpersonal form of trust, but trust of chief executives is an exception. As the scholars write, "For most employees, the decision to trust top management is based more on the outcomes of organizational decisions made by these top managers and less on direct personal experience of their character, words, and actions". (McCauley, p. 46 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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