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Society should work for gender neutrality because it benefits both genders. Agree or disagree - Essay Example

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The people who support gender neutralism in the society are of the opinion that there should be role equality between males and females. The discrimination between the men and women may…
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Society should work for gender neutrality because it benefits both genders. Agree or disagree
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Extract of sample "Society should work for gender neutrality because it benefits both genders. Agree or disagree"

Download file to see previous pages Gender Neutrality is beneficial for the society because it will create a balance between the individuals living in the society. There will be a more health working and living environment for the residents of the society irrespective of their genders and sexes. But if the society do not focus on this important aspect then it would be a harmful situation in the coming years of life. Women may feel dis-respect because it is obvious that men are treated as a valuable asset in the society. However, an author is of the opinion that women are playing roles that are more important in the society development (Sandberg & Maria 2). The women are fully involved in the personality building of the new generation minds. It is a famous saying that there is always a woman behind every successful man.
Some authors are of the opinion that role distribution is based on the physical strength of the men and women. There can be internal hormonal differences between men and women, which are the basis of the strength of the individual (Perrin 2). Therefore, usually women are not assigned those tasks, which they cannot bear upon their body. There is another research study that boys are stronger than girls (FlorCruz 1). However, many critics argue that we should not make hard and fast rules for the responsibilities of men and women. Rather there should be an open choice or preference for both men and women. The equal opportunity availability also give a psychological value and importance, after this, it would be rest on the women that she can do it or not. Gender neutralists strongly support this point of view.
Several Governments are involved in the propagation of the idea of the gender equality in their state. Sweden Government is putting efforts to keep women rights (Abend 3). The idea of gender equality or gender neutralism can only be possible when there are policies, rules and regulations regarding this point. Government should take actions to implement this strategy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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