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Reflective Log - Assignment Example

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We came to know that over the period of 19 weeks we will be taught by three different professors; Mr. Pip Trevorrow, Mr. Alison Munn and Mr. Ah…
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Reflective Log
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Extract of sample "Reflective Log"

Download file to see previous pages I learnt that reflective blogs are written as a self experience of the course; what was the most learning experience of each lectures; what things did we understand and what are the things that we still need to focus on. The blog was a part of term assessment that is why we also learned that in all formal sessions (lectures) we had to be present to ensure that we could learn about the details and write the blog.
We would also use all these techniques in our dissertation module at the end of the semester. The start of the semester and the study was an indication of how it will end the semester. And over the course of time we have to select a research project for ourselves and then apply the same methodologies.
During the lecture I also learned that there are three types of research that can be conducted, product based, empirical based and literature based. Product based are those research based on some software or hardware product. Empirical research is based on a new or old technique. Literature based is work based on reviewing some principles.
The blog writing technique is new to me and I find it very interesting because it does not only convey the message of things learned but at the same time it is also a good revision to the course details and how to progress.
The second lecture was taken by Alison Munn. The lecture was interesting and slighting long; it gave an insight to what are the steps that should be taken before we finalize the research topic and after. In order to get good material books should be referred, other blogs should be read, articles and newspapers and such related sites. But I found it a little hard to go through so much of material; however, what was helpful are that once we shortlist the topics of research the reading also becomes focus and more convenient. The reading was further narrowed by the fact that our level we should focus on the research material written by the researchers. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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