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This was one of the greatest experiences of my life because I worked with a team of people who were tremendously supportive in every way. Furthermore, the team functioned like a well oiled machine, working efficiently and at a fast pace in order to complete the tasks which had been assigned to us…
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Self Reflective Log
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Download file to see previous pages By the time we were ending our project, we had become so close, that if one did not know us better, he or she would have thought that we had known each other all our lives. I believe that our diverse cultural backgrounds played a significant role in the formation of the bonds of work and friendship which made our team such a success. One of the greatest benefits that I personally reaped from being within this team is the confidence in my ability to do all the tasks that are assigned to me, most especially those concerned with the promotion of the principles and practices within Belif. This new confidence in myself has enabled me to think of a greater role for myself in future than I had previously considered. Moreover, through the team work, I have managed to attain the skills which I think are necessary for dealing with prospective issues concerning the promotion of various products that are offered by Belif. I have found that the only way to convince stakeholders to accept a proposed product is by making it as attractive, creative, and cost effective as possible (Stevens, Williams and Smith 2000 p.607). I have learnt that this is the only way through which these stakeholders can develop any interest in what one has to offer them. In the course of my stay at the Belif, several group and individual tasks have been completed. This was the most exciting part of the work, and all of the activities being important, individuals were given the opportunity to share what they had done individually and also as teams. It was, indeed, a privilege to work and share activities and experience with a group of people who were not only friendly, but also supported me whenever I experienced any problems. Moreover, all members within the work group were willing and able to help each other out to finish all the work that had been assigned to us. All the people involved in the work put in as much effort as they could to do it, and because of this, all the team members were able to work effectively together to ensure that the work was done successfully (De Sousa, Pellissier and Monteiro 2012, p.31). Belif is a unique company because it has facilities which are dedicated to making the lives of all it employees, as well as those individuals who are related to them, comfortable in their environment. Among these facilities are those which are designed to make their children and guests feel at home in their new environment by encouraging them to participate in such programs as health education and dialogue between members of diverse groups and backgrounds (Scotton, 2002 pp.276). Despite this, there are also some problems which are faced by the staff of Belif and among these is the shortage of staff especially when there is an influx of new products in the market and orders for them might overwhelm the Belif staff. One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a staff member of Belif is being able to work with my fellow employees to make sure that the working environment is as comfortable and efficient as possible (Schyns 2006, p.192). In addition, I have found that at Belif, the six thinking hats theory is applied in almost every aspect of the business and this is perhaps the reason why the company has displayed such a high level of success. Education is one of the most important aspects that dominate the world today and it has become essential for individuals to have a good education in order to prosper. This is the reason ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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