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Multicultural Field Experience Observation Reflection Report - Personal Statement Example

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Multicultural field experience Name Institution Observation site setting I conducted my field observation at a locally based YMCA. Children at the YMCA spent all their time in an immensely large room. The room’s measurements were approximately 1200 square feet, and the ceiling were about 20 foot high…
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Multicultural Field Experience Observation Reflection Report
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Extract of sample "Multicultural Field Experience Observation Reflection Report"

Download file to see previous pages The room also had a kitchen area which had equipment like; a vending machine, a refrigerator, a microwave, a sink, a countertop and a cabinet storage. The room had a playful feel to it through the different games on the site which the children engaged in. Utensils used by the children got washed in the sink, left to dry on the countertop and stored away safely in the cabinet. The vending machine was for soda beverages. The room was painted colorfully with an attractive color shade of yellow, blue and red. The colors provided the room with an exciting and welcoming feel which the children could associate with. Diversity The clientele at the YMCA was richly diverse in terms of religion, race and socioeconomic status. Their clientele got made up of black, white, Hispanic and Asian race. The socioeconomic gap was also wide, ranging from subsistent income to wealthy professionals. From my personal relations with some of the clientele, they ranged from dentists, doctors, business owners, teachers to students. From the supervisor, it became clear to me that they had no clue what religious backgrounds their clientele got comprised of. They did not care or mind what religious affiliation they belonged to. The immense differences in race, religion, and socioeconomic backgrounds proved the sheer diversity present at the YMCA. Age level of students I observed children aged 5-12 years. This age group became mainly made up of elementary school going children comprising of both boys and girls. It provided the base for the majority of my observation group focus. The children were present in the observation room most of the time. Number of students The number of students I observed differed tremendously since I did not conduct the observation at once. I divided the number of hours of observation to two different days which were a Monday and two different Fridays. I conducted both these observation hours in the month of February. I observed the children on a Monday from 4:30 to7:00pm. On the two Fridays, I observed them from 4:30 to 8:00pm. Time division during my observation hours led to the number of students, their gender, ages, and ethnicity substantially differing. This was so because I did not conduct the observation at one time. The children’s parents dropped off their kids in the room while they went to work out in the YMCA health facility. This proved another obstacle in determining the number of children in the room since the parents arrived at different hours. Population description The number of children I worked with at any time ranged from 5 to 16 children. During the observation, I would work with a minimum of 5 children at the center although the number could rise to 16 children depending on the time. The age group of the children ranged from 5-12 years although most of the children fell between 5 to 9 years. The children were of diverse racial backgrounds from blacks, whites, Hispanic and Asian origin. The children’s gender got comprised of both boys and girls. Gender was another example of diversification among the students. The girls outnumbered the boys by approximately 15% through my observation. Simply put, for every 1 boy among children aged between 5-9 years, there were 3 girls. The socioeconomic characteristics of the children ranged and varied significantly. I was able to conclude their socioeconomic backgrounds based on tactically questioning of adults working within the program and through my keen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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