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It is very disappointing to find an individuals expectations not met, in the book amusing ourselves to death post Man has highlighted many issues that draw our attention from focusing on the reality, in chapter seven, Now…This, these words are threatening and dangerous, since…
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Download file to see previous pages Now…This, as used on television and radio, is a suggestion that the new idea has nothing to do with the original idea that existed. A newscaster usually tries to shift individual’s attention from the original thing.
Postman has been passionate in explaining how the newscasters have been deviating from the context, this he explains in the metaphor, no particular object is attacked, he uses other objects like the television as the metaphor in explaining some thoughts. The thought of deviating from the main context is explained giving a self-evident explanation (Postman, pp 112-167). For example, the story about a childs murder appeared in the news, this was only explained in only forty five seconds than the newscaster says "And now…this when introducing segment on a local brake sale, these two different stories aired next to each other can be seen as insulting the first story, although it has now been peoples expectation when receiving the news.
The metaphor has been used to describe the common discourse of the television age. When watching a story in a television, a lot of commercial brakes are in between the stories; these are used to lessen the reflection on particular experiences (Kenney, pp67-119). Changing channels also means getting different stimuli; this shortens the time used to reflect on what meaning the stimuli has on peoples lives. In his comparison of the culture of Now…This, to forms like schizophrenia, Postmans implication was that individuals have no cohesive identity in such a world, alternatively, we have a collection of unrelated experiences, non-directional, since the information is void of context (Postman, pp 112-167).
Practical implications to the dangers of common discussion to the television age include the dangers it will pose on children. The children are introduced to multitasking while neglecting being attentive, multitasking will at its best while attention will be at its worst. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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TV NEWS PAPER INSTRUCTIONS Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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