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Texas Government - Essay Example

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This law was an amendment of the law passed in 1973 which legalized abortion to the entire state. This law was passed by the U.S Supreme Court (Dunham). The law was sponsored by a republican representative, Jodie…
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Texas Government
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Download file to see previous pages It required clinics that performed abortion to meet surgical standards as those in hospital-style surgical centers and mandated that a doctor have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the facility where he or she performed abortions (National Women Corporate Center).
Democrats and abortion rights advocates, in a bid to stop the legislation, said that this law could result to most of the 42 clinics in the state which performed abortions to close as they would incur a lot of expenses in a bid to be licensed as to perform abortion: expensive renovations or relocations to meet equipment and architectural standards (National Women Corporate Center).
Given that the legislature was controlled by the Republicans then, passing of the law a simple task as seen on the concept map. By passing the anti-abortion bill, it went against the woman’s fourteenth amendment right to choose to terminate pregnancy before vitality. This was clearly a violation of women’s constitutional right. This law also denied a woman the ability to make an extremely personal medical decision. In addition, mandatory ultrasound laws presented disrespect for women’s decision making abilities and clinical judgment of a doctor.
In 2013, Texas passed laws requiring abortion providers to have admission privileges at hospitals. This law clearly gave hospitals more powers than doctors. Passing the laws that many clinics did not meet the stated surgical standards, requiring them to be upgraded to the expected standards, resulted to many clinics being closed. This deprived the women fundamental constitutional rights. In Texas the district court judge blocked this provision from going into effect, this decision was reversed by the appellate court and U.S. Supreme Court did not reinstate the district court’s injunction (Besset, 6). Although the law is in effect, this case is still under ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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