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Visual Rhetoric Analysis - Essay Example

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Fashion is a phenomenon which seizes the whole world by its influence but not everyone can have access to the universe of expensive clothes and accessories. Fashion brand Hermès used quite ambivalent…
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Visual Rhetoric Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Today Hermès fashion house is an element of the upmarket, it means that it produces luxury goods and doesn’t connect itself with a mass market. Hermès clothes and leather goods are important elements in every celebrity’s wardrobe - silk Hermès scarves were worn by princesses and duchesses and leather bags became so popular among world’s beau monde, that some of the models were named after famous personalities (like Birkin bag after actress Jane Birkin or Kelly bag after Grace Kelly) and became iconic to every fashionista.
This ad was made for Fall 2008 campaign for Hermès and it shows an Indian girl between two elephants, standing on the ground, covered with flowers. Girl wears white shirt and jacket, her pants and boots are also made in white tints. Outfit is chosen smartly because a model has dark skin and her whole look with such contrast appears to be quite good. Elephants pictured here are also wearing their “outfits” – their eyes are circled with ethnic symbols and their paws are coloured in orange and pink. In fact, the whole image is very harmonic in color combination – white element in the centre with two dark parts by the sides, that finally is matched with orange and pink on the ground.
“Orange Hermès et Rose Indien” – that is the name of this advertisement, but a closer look to this phrase has to be made. Basically, Hermès chose India and elements of Indian culture in their ad, and it can be explained by the genuine beauty of authentic Indian cultural dominants – beautiful women, pleasant color matches, silent grace of elephants in the context of pure nature. But what was the aim of this ad? What audience does Hermès address to? Apparently, not to the people who inhabit India in its most parts. As was pointed out earlier, Hermès is a luxury brand, worn by celebrities, so, we can make an assumption that this ad is appealing to the feelings of rich people about beauty of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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