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Little bee - Essay Example

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Journey is to travel from one point to another; that travel can be in any form and type.
People take adventurous trips; they travel to places…
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Little bee
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Extract of sample "Little bee"

Download file to see previous pages No matter what journey you take it not where you end and what you achieve but what is more important is how you have been able to succeed it; if you have succeed it and if not then it also makes you realize that what have you done to fail it. The path of the journey is more important than the meaning of the journey.
It takes minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and even years to reach to the destination but the end it only for a moment; in which you discover the purpose and outcome of the journey; but what is remembered most is how it was conducted; what strategies where made; what personal and professional factors were kept in mind to ensure that we reach to the best outcome.
All journey’s taken have a purpose and an aim to achieve; some want to prove that they are strong; some wants to prove that they need help; some wants a break and other are just travelling. All these purposes add up to the different aspect of a human life and personality.
Adventurous trips are a reflection of loud nature; where people would put the purpose of the journey above all; even their lives. They are well aware of the fact that how dangerous it can be and no matter how amount of preventive measures are taken they might face the wrath of God.
On the other side religious trips is the reflection of subtle nature; where people would want to explore peace and patience and would want to find a way where they can eliminate the world’s pleasure and sacrifice their wishes to achieve the happiness and acceptance of God. People travel miles from the corner of the world to be at the house of God.
There are few journey that you take and you know that you are going to take them; you are well prepared all things are in place; everyone around are also involved in making it a better experience; but there are some journey that are not expected like the journey of LIFE. One is never prepared for the unexpected events and the turns that it will take during the course; what moment are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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