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Do androids dream of electric sheep: character - Essay Example

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Blade runner is a science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott in 1982 in which he depicts Los Angeles in November 2019 whereby genetically engineered organic robots, replicants, which visually resemble humans are manufactured by mega-corporations around the world. Their use is…
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Do androids dream of electric sheep: character
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Is a fiction novel by Philip K. Dick whose narration is based on a world war terminus and nuclear destruction which had killed millions of human generation and rendering the entire species extinct. Most of the few survivors had found refuge on off-planet, they relocated to a new colony on Mars (Philip 56-9). Little life that remained was extremely important and valuable and for that reason the remaining human were expected to own and keep an animal yet they had become very expensive! Hence companies had come up with the idea of manufacturing electric animals for those who couldn’t afford animals.
At a close look in both the book and the movie the protagonists who is Rick Deckard in both cases shows quite a number of similarities. These similarities includes: In both scenarios of book and movie Rick is a bounty hunter who goes for replicants/andies because they are all banned because they are considered to belong off-planet, there exists similar air cars that are used for commutation (Dick 48-9). Replicants and Andies are emphatic and greatly shows passion and concern for one another although they are greatly surprised and concerned by humanity in the streets because they seem very impersonal to each other- this really gives the audience a chance to evaluate themselves and question what exactly it takes means to be a human being. In both incidences these themes are greatly expressed: Empathy, mind control, Real vs. unreal, Decay, Individual vs. collective, Intelligence vs. mental deficiency, Technicism and Genetic engineering.
Differences in the novel and movie includes: The novel is situated in San Francisco, 1992 while the movie takes place in Los Angeles, 2019, In the novel the main character, Rick Deckard, has a wife while in the movie the blade runner doesn’t have a wife, In the movie Deckard’s challenge is retiring the replicants without being killed while in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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