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Academic Misconduct - Research Paper Example

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As with any issue related to morality and ethics, a wide range of opinions exists with regards to whether it is admissible and allowable for an individual to cheat within their scholastic endeavors. Ultimately, the question that this particular analysis will seek to answer is…
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Academic Misconduct
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Download file to see previous pages Through such a level of discussion and analysis, it is the hope of this author that the reader will gain a more informed and rational understanding with respect to societal norms, the means through which individuals seek to engage with cheating as a means of benefiting themselves The innate and tacit drive for cheating (as well as what causes it), the benefits as compared to the risks, and the types and variety of cheating that is represented throughout scholastics within the current era. Further, a cursory analysis with regards to the scope and impacts of unlimited cheating will be discussed.
Firstly, it must be understood cheating is something of a social phenomena within the world. Although the impacts of cheating within scholastics have only recently come to a broad level of understanding, the fact of the matter is that cheating is a type of social problem that traces its origins back to the innate desire for an individual to gain a competitive advantage over his/her peers with the least amount of effort. Ultimately, the human spirit is one that continually seeks for self betterment and a level of advantage over their fellow students (Bing et al. 29). Oftentimes, this desire to be better engages the individual to try harder and exert their selves more fully. However, oftentimes, the case is that the individual seeks a shortcut with regards to maintaining an advantage and reaching a desired goal. This shortcut can either be the reduction in the overall quality of the work that they represent or it can be referenced with regards to the fact that the seek to cheat in one form or the other as a means of providing themselves the benefits that had previously been mentioned.
Regardless of the way in which cheating is defined, it must be understood cheating is not localized to the University or secondary education systems. Rather, from an early age, children are made aware ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Academic Misconduct Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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