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Departmental interaction, project planning, employee commitment, and performance evaluation systems are the key aspects that influence a supportive organizational culture (Pinto 32). Employee commitment to organizational objectives is important in keeping them motivated. When…
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[Due Assignment Departmental interaction, project planning, employee commitment, and performance evaluation systems are the key aspects that influence a supportive organizational culture (Pinto 32). Employee commitment to organizational objectives is important in keeping them motivated. When they feel individually responsible for company goals they will work harder (and likely longer), which breeds success (Pinto 35). When organizing resource limits for company projects it is important to nurture trust and understanding among employees and managers. Managers are usually in charge of approving the use of resources from their sections and also deliberate on time requirements for specific duties. If they are actively involved in the planning process they will be more open to allocating resources and providing accurate time forecasts. Employees also need to feel like they will not be subject to punitive measures if time frames are not met (provided that this is not a perennial problem) or else they (or their managers) can unnecessarily extend the projected amount of time required to complete a task.
Departmental interaction can nurture beneficial relationships between project and functional managers. It inspires information sharing and improves the chances of project success (Pinto 37).
A performance evaluation structure needs to support risk and initiative taking in a project setting. Further, rewards should match the objectives of every project undertaken (Pinto 39).
A functional company that wants to shift from an adversarial culture to one that is supportive and interactive should take several factors into consideration. First, it should start by creating a corporate wide strategy that aims at uniting and inspiring employees (Pinto 58). Next, they should establish a reward/punishment framework that matches that strategy. Finally, they will have to develop clear policies founded on lines of leadership and communication. This will facilitate fast and efficient decision making.
Work Cited
Pinto, Jeffrey K. Project management: achieving competitive advantage. Upper Saddle River,
N.J.:Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2007. Print. Read More
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Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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