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Lloyds TSB & HBOS - Case Study Example

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The Organizational culture is a set of broad guidelines which are entrenched in organizational practices at the workplace learned. Organisational culture management is a complex and time consuming job. Organizational culture is the key to organizational excellence…
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Lloyds TSB & HBOS
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Extract of sample "Lloyds TSB & HBOS"

Download file to see previous pages In order to better understand the culture of both the organisations we will analyse the cultures of both the organisations according to the five attributes used by Hofstede in a study involving 160000 IBM managers across more than 60 countries. According to Hofstede five fundamental differences in national styles were found while examining the culture of the organisation.
The power distance in the Lloyds TSB seems to be lower as compare to HBOS where bosses are seen as more autocratic or paternalistic as compare to Lloyds TSB. The decision making at both the organisations is of consultative style. Again the employees at the Lloyds TSB are more participative and involved in the operations and decision making of the organisation as compare to HBOS (Higgs, 1996).
Individualism is prevalent in the British culture as a result both the organisations have the culture of organising the work in such a way that the self interest of employees is aligned with the management of the organisation (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2007).
As described by Hofstede (1997, p. 120) described uncertainty avoiding societies are a society where there are many formal laws and informal rules controlling the rights and duties of employers and employees. At Llyods TSB the uncertainty avoidance is at low level therefore the organisation effectively implement teams with higher levels of autonomy. Whereas again at HBOS the employee empowerment is lower as compare to Lloyds TSB.
In both the organisations masculinity and Femininity traits are prevalent and can be experienced by undertaking an analysis of the behaviours of the managers. Hence the notion of learning by experience is not centric (Burden and Proctor, 2000).
Confucian dynamism
As mentioned by Hofstede there is higher acceptance of the legitimacy of hierarchy and the valuing of perseverance and thrift, all without undue emphasis on tradition and social obligations which could impede business initiative in the Western cultures. The organisational cultures of both the organisations verify the findings of Hofstede.
2. How would you describe the prevailing leadership styles employed by each organisation
A leader has the qualities to influence others through his persuasive measures such as the communication, display of confidence, can gain information regarding the problem being addressed and persuade the masses in the desired direction (Prasad, 2006; p. 264).


[Source: Taken from, Prasad LM, (2006) Organizational Behaviour, Fig 26.1 p 287]
All these factors interact together to determine the leader's ability to influence others.
In HBOS the leaders of the organization practice a distinct participative style. The strong ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lloyds TSB & HBOS Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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