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Cultural development - Essay Example

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This research aims to evaluate and present three phases that characterize the process of cultural development. These phases include physical, vital and mental stages. All these phases are different from one another since they are introduced into the society one at a time…
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Cultural development
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Extract of sample "Cultural development"

Download file to see previous pages It is evident from the study that Cultural Development theories strive to describe the quality changes in the framework and structure of society, which help its members realize their aims and objectives. Cultural development does not only entail the integration of new programs and policies in the society, but it also includes the process of social change. Physical Stage is mainly marked with the domination of physical aspects of the human personality. At this stage, people are required to adhere and follow tradition strictly, and only little change and innovation are required. Society in this stage is mainly meant for survival and subsistence. Land is the most outstanding resource, and wealth is weighed on the size of land holdings. During this stage, money and commerce play minor roles, and experimental and innovative approaches are discouraged. Church and religious beliefs are responsible for introducing new technological knowledge into the society. Professional skills are passed down from the parents to the children. Vital Stage is marked with change and dynamism. Society becomes adventurous and innovative thereby expanding its activities. The society transforms from stressing on interactions with the physical environment to emphasizing on the social interactions between people. Agriculture, which is the main economic activity at this stage is fueled by trade. New programs and policies that encourage commerce and trade are introduced into the society. Experimental and innovative approaches are encouraged, and demand for knowledge and skills rise. This is the stage where people begin to strive to acquire leisure and luxury, which were not attainable when the society was at subsistence level (Johnson & Lewis 48). Mental Stage This stage is characterized by the social, political and practical application of mind. At this stage, the society emphasizes on education, technology and inventions. New social organizations, political systems, human rights and democratic movements are created (Johnson & Lewis 67). People are also allowed to interact with God directly without the mediation of church leaders. Mental stage is fueled by technological advancements such as telecommunication, air travel, modern roads and networking (Johnson & Lewis 68). Technical Development Technical change is a process that is characterized by three main stages that include invention, innovation and diffusion of processes (Johnson & Lewis 54). Invention Invention refers to the breakthrough in technology or the creation of new things (Johnson & Lewis 26). It involves the creation of new idea that had not been created or discovered by anyone else. Everett Rogers indentified five elements of an innovation, which impact the extent of its effectiveness. They include compatibility, trialability, complexity, observability, and relative advantage (Johnson & Lewis 111). Innovation Innovation entails the development of an inventive idea to create refined and leaned products and services (Johnson & Lewis 124). This is the stage that proves or fails the worthiness of an inventive idea. It is less risky than invention because it deals with known quantities, qualities and parameters (Johnson & Lewis 127). For example, the availability of personal computers has aided the creation of Software that human has also used to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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