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Adapting my cultural grammar in a new cultural context - Essay Example

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It is important to note that national structures are considered to very important and influential in our lives yet they never explain very essential…
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Adapting my cultural grammar in a new cultural context
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Download file to see previous pages Theories of culture are also used by social groups to literally construct cultural ideological imagination for themselves and for others (Holliday 2013). Moreover, the concept of discourse is being employed widely as an instrument of analysis as far as cultural communication is concerned. Based on the cultural discourse, this is the point in which individuals are capable of negotiating, make sense of and practice culture (Holliday 2013). It is believed tat under these circumstances; issues about culture are well build, new grammar of culture practiced and understanding of cosmopolitan world achieved (Holliday 2013).
I am Ukrainian, but Ive lived in England for 5 years. My own cultural development was based on three vey essential approach and practices I had to develop. The English culture I was living in was well established and dominant to other minorities like me. To begin with, I had to accept the fact that majority of the established theories of culture within the social setting I was living in was derived from western sources (Holliday 2013).
This was also supplemented by the fact England is a major driving force in the current global politics, operating from a position of cultural economic and political dominance in relation to the rest of the world (Holliday 2013). For elaborate cultural development, living in England for five years was enough for me to adapt to the English culture of communication and lifestyle. Interaction with students who are England native speakers helped me adapt to English accent and mode of living. Improved grammar and pronunciation of terms are some of the key lessons I leant. The transition from Ukrainian-born to adapted English culture was not easy, but persistence and more communication interaction made it possible.
By acknowledging that there is cultural diversity, it is important to note that before adapting to foreign cultural practices, one has to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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