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My Life In Business - Essay Example

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I have been studying at the Texas Wesleyan University for two years now. I have been married for two years and have an eleven-month-old baby. I am from Saudi Arabia but live in the United States of America. I am a family oriented…
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Extract of sample "My Life In Business"

Download file to see previous pages I tend to build close relationships with a small group of associates, who together we make progress as we come up with ideas to make the business more productive. Before I make a decision, I conduct a thorough analysis so that I can save time and not repeat the same process again. I am good at analyzing situations, and I believe in situations whereby I can examine the facts. I believe in situations where I can observe a situation and come up with a solution. This attribute makes me an integral part of any team I am a part of. Acquiring my trust takes time because a person has to prove him or herself and know what is expected of them in regards to their duties and responsibilities.
I have experience in problem solving, building good business and personal relationships. I also express my feelings good or bad regardless of the situation and if a task is too difficult, I enlist the help from other people to help me accomplish it. I am also empathetic and patient with other people and I indulge with fellow people who are service oriented. I prefer colleagues who when attending meetings, start with a personal comment or joke to break the ice and also provide a friendly environment for the meeting. I prefer that we find common ground and explain their situations with facts, figures and not wasting time in engaging in small talk. I prefer people who work first and then relax and socialize later. I also prefer to listen to everyone`s contribution while in a meeting instead of just proposing and imposing ideas on other people. I do not associate myself with individuals, who are dictatorial, make promises they cannot keep and the individuals who use their positions to threaten others.
I have also learnt how to communicate with individuals with different characteristics and traits. For example, when dealing with an easily irritable person, I do not indulge in unnecessary dialogue, I stick to business and I am as brief and specific as possible. I am very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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