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Comparing and Contrasting my family with Jeanette Walls Family in the Glass Castle - Book Report/Review Example

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The memoir gives a detailed account of her life and that of her family. By reading this work, one is likely to identify with some of the…
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Comparing and Contrasting my family with Jeanette Walls Family in the book Glass Castle
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Extract of sample "Comparing and Contrasting my family with Jeanette Walls Family in the Glass Castle"

Download file to see previous pages First, Jeannette’s family experiences the drug abuse problem, and this is well illustrated by the parents. This is one of the elements that make the family dysfunctional since both her mother and father are addicts. Jeannette’s father, Rex, is an alcoholic who uses the earnings of his wife to buy alcohol. Not only is her father an alcoholic but also a gambler. In the memoir, Jeannette states that he sometimes returned home with some of his winnings form gambling. In the memoir, Jeannette notes that her mother’s salary created problems since her father saw it as his responsibility to manage the family finances, and more importantly, needed the money to fund his ‘gold-leaching research’- which was in fact buying alcohol. Jeannette’s mother, Rose Mary was an ‘excitement’ addict. Similarly, I grew up in a family where one of my parents was an alcoholic. Just as illustrated in Jeannette’s family, it became difficult to put the little money we had in meaningful use. Just as shown in the memoir, alcoholic parents do sometimes forget the wellbeing of their children. Although my father made every effort to take care of me, alcoholism made it difficult to give me full attention. I remember one day we had to stand in the cold up to eleven in the night because my father had disappeared with the house key. In addition, my parents were rarely at peace with one another, and constantly quarreled over money and other trivial family issues, especially when my father was drunk. Luckily for me, my father reformed and he no longer drinks. Generally, when I was young, I realized that alcoholism is a problem that tears family apart, and this is well brought out in Jeannette’s memoir.
The second point of similarity is the issue of financial instability or poverty. Throughout the memoir, her family’s poverty is well illustrated. For example, in the second section, The Desert, Jeannette shows some of the places they had to live. For example, after ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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