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Production of a teaching material with accompanying commentary on design principles (equivalent of 3500 words) - Essay Example

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Good grammar language should posses little or no errors with the tense and proper punctuation being maintained within the sentence. Often, students make regular grammar errors due to…
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Extract of sample "Production of a teaching material with accompanying commentary on design principles (equivalent of 3500 words)"

Download file to see previous pages According to Syatriana et al, (2013, p.11), writing and speaking are termed as the productivity skills while reading and listening are both the receptive skills. Productivity skills are the fruits of receptive skills. Therefore, reading and listening skills within the students will always determine their overall performances. Our instructional material will focus the language skills for grammar improvement to be fully felt. The appendix will show the instructional materials that were used.
This model argues that the first stage in the development of teaching materials is for the teachers and learners to identify the current trends in teaching and learning respectively. Every time the material developer should ensure that they always introduce new materials. The next phase will be to identify the area of problem that the language subjects are experiencing since one neither can nor solve a problem that has no roots. Contextualization of the materials is the next stage whereby the locally available materials are used in language skills. Pedagogical realization will involve design of appropriate exercise, activities and assignments that will help the students to gauge what they have leant. Finally, the materials are physically produced in the form of course books inclusive of visual, book size and layout (Syatriana et al., 2013, p.15). I am going to apply the model in designing of the instructional materials.
In the two hours lesson, the students are going to improve their grammar skills in usage of articles and comparative and superlative phrases. In conjunction with the intended lesson plan, the students will have a chance to refresh on their past learnt materials and apply them. For example, there will be use of punctuation marks and opposites. The punctuation marks to be used are comma, full stop and question marks. As a teacher, the usage of the articles will first be defined and their appropriate use made in vowels and consonant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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