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Summary for answer questions - Essay Example

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In the article by Tanya Maria Barrientos, the title to the essay gives the reader a feel of her emotions and attitude towards Spanish. Furthermore, with the use of a Spanish title, it prepares the reader for an essay that revolves around the Spanish language. The meaning of…
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Summary for answer questions
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Download file to see previous pages 2. By using an anecdote, it reduces the seriousness that the reader expects to find in the essay. It gives the reader a feel of calmness and that the writer is one that is not shy about using some humor. It prepares one for the rest of the story and that there may be some humor to the essay and the way in which it is propagated. The anecdote prepares a reader for a story that is far from the serious norm that people are used to and prepare them for an essay that has its own amount of comic relief.
3. Tanya Maria Barrientos is a native Spaniard. She is a child of parents that are purely of Spanish heritage and it is due to the fact that she loves her heritage that she would look to learn the Spanish; language. Furthermore, she is driven to learn it because it gives her a sense of feel because she will be at one with her ancestry. Learning her language is important to her based on the fact that it is the language that her parents speak on a daily basis to each other.
4. Barrientos’ use of various Spanish words without definitions and translations so as to show that she loves the language and that her stance on the language is one that is definite and genuine. Furthermore, her stance towards the Spanish language will slightly change if she was to use translations after the words. This is because; the reader is given a feel of how it is to use the language in a conversation of the sort. The use of a translation would have little to no effect on her feeling towards the language nut for a reader; the use of translations would dilute the effect of the essay.
5. Speaking and the languages that we speak are part of the lives and natures that we lead. Different people have different accents and it is the difference that makes us united. I as an individual do not have any particular accent. I believe that it sounds just the same as any other person. When I speak English, I believe that there is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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