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Verna Azore has been serving at the Austin Middle School as an Administrator for 16 years. Azore’s interview was based on questions related to three areas of management; master schedule management, budget management, and facilities management. This paper is a summary of…
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Make a summery for this Interview Questions and Answers
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05 October Interview Summary Mr. Verna Azore has been serving at the Austin Middle School as an Administrator for 16 years. Azore’s interview was based on questions related to three areas of management; master schedule management, budget management, and facilities management. This paper is a summary of her views and opinions. According to Azore, good communication skills and a strong work ethic are the leadership skills needed to be a successful principal.
Master schedule is prepared in the late Spring and needs to be free of conflicts. It should be prepared considering the students needs rather than the personal preferences of the teacher. The district provides a computer program called TEAMS for scheduling. The principal and the counselor mutually develop the master schedule. Different campuses take different durations to complete the master schedule. Sometimes, it is completed by the eend of the school year, but some campuses complete it a week before the students arrival on campus. Variables that influence the development of master schedule primarily include courses that can only be offered once and the teachers schedules. Such courses should not be offered simultaneously. The master schedule is finally approved by the guidance office and the principal. Factors involved in the development of master schedule when arranged in the order of decreasing importance are these; labs and specialized need courses, personnel allocations, facilities, time, and extra-curricular activities. Adjustments in the master schedule are made according to the needs of the students. Adjustments are made with mutual consensus of the principal and the counselor. The master schedule is not affected by the peprally, early release, or special programs since these factors are linked with the special schedules.
Goals are identified considering the campus needs and the budget. Goals that address the campus needs without exceeding the budget are established. The rest may be postponed. The central office starts the budgeting at the end of the year which continues till the Summer months. The actual budget is not materialized till the next school years beginning. The central office provides assistance for the budget management. The principal is helped in the decision making process regarding all matters related to the campus from the Site Based Decision Making (SBDM) committee. Every campus is allocated budget at the 1st of September. Budget includes different kinds of funds, travel, and staff development programs. Allocation of funds is the next step. The campus budget is finalized before 1st of September.
The goals of campus facilities management include maintenance of cleanliness of the facility and functionality of all components. An administrator and head custodians are assigned the responsibility of maintenance. Allocation of the instructional space is linked with the master schedule. The district employees deal with all issues related to facility. The principal allocates the space considering the number of students, staff, time of day, and, disabilities whereas the SBDM committee makes recommendations, though the principal assumes the decision making power. Safety issues are reported to the principal or administrator and the head custodian who mutually decide how to address the issues. Read More
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