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In comparison to bigger communities, smaller towns have less revenue, smaller staffs and lesser expertise available, particularly in the areas of…
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Paper Due Peeve Smaller towns might have smaller and fewer problems, but they do have to deal withsmaller and fewer resources with those problems. In comparison to bigger communities, smaller towns have less revenue, smaller staffs and lesser expertise available, particularly in the areas of planning and finance that are highly important to develop a good transportation system. For overcoming these disadvantages, a small town must search out aggressively and utilize their community assets.
Residents in small towns are far likely to get killed or hurt on the transportation system in comparison to those in urban areas. Traffic fatality rate in the non-Interstate rural roads for the year 2003 stood at 2.72 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles, in comparison to the traffic fatality rate in other roads in the year 2003 of around 0.99 deaths for every 100 million vehicle miles. Truck traffic in small town roads and at the railroad crossings is an ongoing safety issue, in addition to their repair and maintenance concerns. Finally, lower level of physical activity and regularity of transportation, rural areas have disproportionately higher fatality and crash rates for the pedestrians and undeveloped public health outcomes (Shoup and Homa 8).
Several rural areas presently experience declines in their population due to younger residents migrating to urban life for employment. These cases lead to rural being left without mature road system, which is the legacy from the time when larger population lived. Improving the public transportation is linked directly with encouraging the active transportation to be safe with attractive facilities. To reach their destinations and the everyday locations, people in smaller cities are dependent on travelling with unsafe infrastructural facilities alongside the highways with their excessive travel speeds (Shoup and Homa 8).
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Shoup, L & Homa, B. principles for improving Transportation options in rural and Small Town communities. Transportation of America. March 2010. Web. April 2014 Read More
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