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Student-athletes should be paid a salary by the university - Essay Example

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In an article in the Los Angeles Times dated March 28, the issue has been brought to light and various aspects of school athletics illuminated. It is…
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Student-athletes should be paid a salary by the university
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Download file to see previous pages Northwestern University has had it football players form unions that may assist them in getting a share of the proceeds of their games (TEB 1). This paper will take a look at some of the sports that students engage in, and if it is fair for the students to get a share of the proceeds.
American football is one common sport in the United States that allows the not-so privileged students to get scholarships and attend classes in various institutions. This means that already they are getting benefits from the school that would not have otherwise been accorded to other less privileged children. This, however, does not mean that the school should take advantage of the needs of such students and exploit their talents in a bid to make profits. NCAA has been accused of legislating that athletes should not get any form of compensation apart from the scholarships they are already getting. It is my believing that playing sports in college is like a full-time job where students work, but receive no benefits for their efforts (TEB 1). The deals that most institutions get for their athletes can tumble into millions of dollars, yet most athletes do not get to see a dime of this money.
It is also as I see that athletes who participate in games such as football need compensating for their activities. This is unless they end up demoralized and looking for alternatives to suit needs while going school. The NCAA has come up with reasons against compensating athletes claiming that it will ultimately lead to the disrespect and compromise of the beautiful concept of school competitions. This might be deemed as hypocritical because they are the ones making a killing out of students who give it their all to perform for their institutions without expecting or demanding for much in return. I believe that every student can be compensated based ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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