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My concern with television content - Essay Example

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My central issue of concern in the society would be television as a form of electronic media which I believe has brought significant changes in social order of the society. By censoring television content and putting in place better rules and regulations that guard the audience and viewers, the world would be a better place…
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My concern with television content
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Download file to see previous pages Television can have a positive cognitive development on teenagers only if the programs are critically analyzed and vetted for suitability. There are some programs that help in educating teenagers about various issues surrounding the society and this will make them think constructively on their daily undertaking. Take the case of national television program on various academic topics for students, such kind of content has always motivated teenagers to shun some behaviors and take a given path of action that is vital for the development of his future. I would champion for programmes like public debate in which some teenagers participate really instill the spirit of hard work and competition and this is positive in terms of working hard in school and various endeavors to achieve excellence. Besides, language is one of the greatest interactive assets that anybody in the world may possess and this is always promoted in the television programmes depending on the language spoken. This is the reason media industry hires people with outstanding personality and exceptional command of a given language (Vorderer, Peter, and Dolf, 78-9). Television is an effective mode of learning to teenagers since they actually see what they are being told. This is the reason as to why there is an appeal to ensure that the television programmes are sorted out before being unleashed to the various frequencies across the globe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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