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How an experience of attending a concert may be affected by your expectations of it - Essay Example

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Critically Examine How an Experience of Attending A Concert May Be Affected By Your Expectations Of It, In Comparison To Expectations You Would Have Of Experiencing It In A Mediated Form Table of Contents Critically Examine How an Experience of Attending A Concert May Be Affected By Your Expectations Of It, In Comparison To Expectations You Would Have Of Experiencing It In A Mediated Form 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 3 Discussion 4 Critical Evaluation 7 Conclusion 8 Works Cited 9 Introduction The facet of mass media is considered to be those forms of media technologies that intend to reach a substantial number of audiences by executing the function related to it…
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How an experience of attending a concert may be affected by your expectations of it
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Download file to see previous pages The mass media with the aid of different technologies often provide the viewers or the audiences with synthetic realities like animations, fast as well as slow motions, computer simulations and zooms. The broadcasts in the televisions deliver a clear view of any events or actions rather than experiencing the real event. The different effects of mass media include the deliverance of valuable information as well as news to the people, informing the public about various government programs along with policies, entertaining people and promoting various trades and industries through advertisements (Marikkar, “An Introduction to Mass Media and Their Effects and Roles in Society”). Thus, it can be stated that the mass media imposes crucial impact upon the individuals and the society at large. Thesis Statement In this discussion, a critical examination about the way an experience of attending a concert may get affected due to the prior expectations in comparison to the experience of the same event in a mediated form will be taken into concern. Moreover, a detailed analysis of both the types of experiences of the event in terms of various relevant conceptions and theories will also be portrayed in the discussion. Discussion It has been observed that the notion of synthetic experience or a mediated type of experience is qualitatively different from a real experience. The aspect of real experience principally originates within the natural sensory envelope of a person i.e. constant vision sounds among others which arises from the events occurring at their own paces in real time within the reach of the sensory capabilities of a person. Conversely, the facet of synthetic experience arises from the conceptions which do not possibly originate within the natural sensory envelope of an individual. During the years of twentieth century, the public has known to become quite familiar with an informative environment which is based upon real experiences blended with unreal or synthetic experiences. The motion pictures usually provide synthetic experiences to the people and they self-consciously attend them as a recreational event. In this regard, both real as well as synthetic events are gradually presented to the audiences of mass media and hence every individual experiences the mixture of both the events. Through the expansion of mass media, synthetic events have increasingly become more persistent in comparison to real events in modern life in the form of synthetic experiences. The mass media has been successful in attracting the attention of a huge number of people and it has been recognized in this context that much of the current day experiences are entirely different from the experiences prior to the years of twentieth century (Funkhouser & Shaw, “How Synthetic Experience Shapes Social Reality”). However, there exist both synthetic as well as real experiences with regard to attending a particular concert. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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