The House of Mango Tree Sandra Cisneros - Essay Example

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The novel was written in 1984 by Sandra Cisneros who has both American and Mexican origin. The novel is specifically focuses on the life of a Latino girl named Esparanza Cordero in Chicago with Puerto Rican and Chicanos friends…
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The House of Mango Tree Sandra Cisneros
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Download file to see previous pages Interpretations by different readers mainly depend on the cultures of different readers and obviously their preformed perception or mentality about particular subjects. This being a literature book,it cogently utilizes several literary features that readers have to comprehend to come up with substantial conclusion based on the book. Cisnero’s book has certain unavoidable appealing features that not only make it an interesting book to read but also a research tool on literature analysis. The author has poetic, keen insights and stream of consciousness that makes the book easily readable and memorable. The chapters are almost self-contained, lyrical and dense like poetry. In essence, the book has a poetic appeal in the way it uses imagery such as the small home. Despite her not liking the place, it remains the only place bringing the members of his family together. Her dream is about something that is common in anyone(Cisneros 23). She wants to own a good home and a better life in future. She dreams of hope as her name means. In one part of the story, the narrator informs the reader how she was reminded of different houses they had lived in. They included gray houses in Alaska, which were in dilapidated condition. She also talks of her current spacious condo in Austin. From a normal reader’s point of view, it is automatic from the several illustrations in the book that where we live in really shapes the kind of life we live later in life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The House of Mango Tree Sandra Cisneros Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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