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Written by Robert Frost, ‘Nothing Gold can stay’ is a poem that portrays the condensation typical to youth in nature, the origin of human kind, and the day to day life. The poem basically talks about the notion of thriving, tasks achieved, and the destruction of these…
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Download file to see previous pages However, the poem states that in the end, all these vanish. In the second line, “her hardest hue to hold, “Frost sees nature to contain elements of femininity. This means nature is fertile, productive and it has a feminine force. Consequently, nature is entirely powerful because it is able to carry the hue of gold. Therefore, when a leaf blossoms, they are seen to contain a lot of chlorophyll that makes them heavy. Usually when a leaf turns gold, it becomes bulky than the original green color, hence substituting them.
The poem still focuses on the youth as it explains converting metaphors into images of nature. “The early leaf” is a rebirth of the “first green.” This means, for a child to become an adult, they have to undergo certain passage rites. The leaf and the color represent the tribulations of life. From the young green leaves of the spring season, the whole tree grows controlling the various natural processes that the tree will encounter. In the line” So Eden sank to grief, “Frost attempts to establish a connection between the green and gold colors. He further uses the myth of Eden to show originality in nature. The gold and green can also be interpreted to symbolize the persistent attitude of nature. This means that as the night goes into rest (gold), the new day is born (green).Consequently, gold color flourishes during the night, whereas the green color blossoms during daytime (Frost, 1995). This is a fundamental concept of nature that is irreversible. The “early leaf” of the day contains forgiveness. This is explained in reference to the Garden of Eden when lack of knowledge is expressed, and the concept of life and death emerges. Forgiveness however, lasts for “an hour.” This is not surprising because as stated by the poem “nothing gold can stay.”
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