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Some people are always jealous in their attitude towards others, because they have what they don’t have. They tend to make rumors (gossip) about others, because they’re not happy in their life. Well, for most of these people the priority is either watching…
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1. I don’t get it. Some people are always jealous in their attitude towards others, because they have what they don’t have. They tend to make rumors(gossip) about others, because they’re not happy in their life. Well, for most of these people the priority is either watching TV. When the movie they’re watching is sad they become upset and gossip about other people thinking that they’re clean and never did anything stupid in their lives. They judge others and think that they’re perfect creatures… Other people are sorry of themselves, because they are fat and always bitching about their body but they’re not doing anything except putting food in their mouth and complain. Look, if you’re not happy with your life right now, maybe you should try to do something instead of gossiping, because that’s represent yourself as uneducated person. You might be educated, but may not act like one. Everybody has a chance to do what they want to be successful in their lives, but needs effort to do it not just waiting and doing nothing…
2. I finished my studies last year, but I didn’t join the graduation last December because I want my mother to present in my graduation to see me walking and receiving my Diploma.. I want my momma to be proud despite of all the things I’ve done in my life. It was a tough year for me working on my assignments, project and etc . Every night was hard, but I did it. To some people, who think I’m lucky, it is not a compliment it’s like an insult to me, because my achievements in my life didn’t came from the luck that just handed it to you and you got it.. No, it is not my situation… I had to work hard for it and not just sitting my ass off gossiping, watching tv, or whatsoever!!
This Another accomplishment is for my momma and to my turkeybird, who is always there for me!!! Thanks for all you guys support, friends, family and to my haters I love you, guys, too..!! Lol..
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