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Positivism-the key to success - Essay Example

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While others argue that positive thinking creates more problems than it solves, others consent that it is the key to success. Positivism could play an important role in…
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Positivism-the key to success
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Extract of sample "Positivism-the key to success"

Download file to see previous pages ot on an individual’s ability to ascribe positive outcomes to one’s aspirations, for it is eventually up to a person as to how one chooses to shape one’s life. The paper brings together the arguments for and against how positive thinking brings success, and then comes to a conclusion that positive thinking it actually a key to success. To confirm this, the paper highlights the way I shaped my life and how I achieved success in personal endeavors by using positivism as the key to success.
Since my childhood, I always positively looked forward to any task, problem or challenge that came my way. I was somehow always confident about being successful, irrespective of the fact that at that time I did not know what it meant to be positive. I simply believed that being happy while facing life would bring me success and fulfillment. For instance, I represented my state in national swimming competitions. I knew that in case of an athlete, one has to be very strict with one’s training hours and diet. However, my personal passion for success went beyond training and proper diet. Before participating in a competition, I strongly believed that I was going to win, and I simply imagined myself on the podium with coveted medals and trophies. I think it was primarily owing to this positive attitude on my part that I managed to win many competitions.
In high school I was always hopeful and positive about achieving what I aspired to achieve. The remarkable fact is that when you seek good, you are very likely to find it (Peale 1). I just immersed my consciousness in the goals I wanted to attain, and never stopped until I realized them as Peale explain also. For instance, I am a triplet and I have a brother and a sister. Many a time people happen to believe that all the three of us will think and act the same. However, realistically speaking, this is not true. The three of us spent our childhood together. In fact, in high school, we three were in the same class, taught by the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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