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RESEARCH PAPER: hooliganism - Essay Example

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In the 1980s, research reveals that a higher number of population pays to watch football in Scotland than in North and Midlands (Sports Council 1986). The…
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RESEARCH PAPER: hooliganism
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Extract of sample "RESEARCH PAPER: hooliganism"

Download file to see previous pages It has been in picture ever since football was invented in 1879 but, during the war, football was mainly respected, focus was mainly on the game. The crowd problem minimized, but did not disappear. Since the 1960s it has been noticed as a serious problem. It has been noted that, in the 1960s, football hooliganism was moderate in the UK compared to many other European countries.
Who are these “hooligans”? They fall generally in the category of teenagers or in their early 20s, they fall generally in working class or unemployed or working in grey economy, fans often observe and watch each other’s styles, and make fun of those whose costume is not fashionable. Why hooliganism is referred to football? Football is a perfect place to sort out enmity or vengeance. Also, events of bad refereeing on field can create hooligan disturbances but, again, it is difficult to rule out such incidents that lead to hooliganism. Unfortunately, players intervene. At times, it is the media that creates more rivalry than the sport. This aggravates the enmity between the opposing fan groups. Also, media at times create problems between police, local people and fans.
Firstly, football hooliganism mainly focuses on vengeance between fan groups, it may not restrict to just physical fighting but end up with missile throwing, attempts on police, etc. In some countries, police who tries to warn the parties are considered as a legitimate opponent. Secondly, they may not confine only to grounds. Football hooliganism takes place at railway stations, city centres, pubs, etc. They try to do so, so that they are away from police. However, if the hooligans suspect that police have got suspicion on an imminent violence, they try to disperse before the arrival of police. Also, they try to make sure that there are no football journalists present, so that observing and capturing images and, also, identification of people and groups will be difficult.
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RESEARCH PAPER: Hooliganism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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