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Advantages and disadvantages to bring World Cup to US - Research Paper Example

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Throughout the twentieth century, the game has gained enormous heights of fan following but America has been an exception in this case lagging behind in the race. The global popularity of soccer in the United…
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Research advantages and disadvantages to bring World Cup to US
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Extract of sample "Advantages and disadvantages to bring World Cup to US"

Download file to see previous pages and equipment, which could be practiced on any more or less flat open space of the required size, made its way through the world entirely on its merits. But not in the United States” (Markovits & Hellerman, 2001, p.7). Sports culture is what people breathe, read, discuss, analyze, compare, and historicize and the less popularity of soccer in the US may be a reason of cultural hegemonic sports culture in the US which may lead to the domination of other sports like baseball, basketball, tennis and so on over the soccer extravaganza (Markovits & Hellerman, 2001, p.9). However the craze for soccer is gaining speed in America and a transition has taken place from soccer pioneers to soccer-literate and are gradually directing towards the creation of the road to soccer-passionate by the soccer fans (Saporito, 2010).
The Men’s Soccer World Cup held in 1994 saw almost near-capacity crowds at stadiums around the United States and attracted large domestic television audiences. Coupled with this success, the Major League Soccer (MLS) was founded in 1996 with money flowing from large owners and influential investors accelerating the games’ recognition with high media coverage. Women’s football became the most popular game in the United States nowadays followed by the phenomenal World Cup shootout victory over China by the United States Women’s national team in 1999 paving the way for the Women’s United Soccer Association’s (WUSA) founding in 2001 with huge inflow of investments (Richard & Nagel, 2007). The US bidding committee has also started bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup for bringing this mega event in their country.
This paper will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of bringing the World Cup to the United States with the subsequent impacts on the social, economic, and environmental dimension of the country. Emphasis is given on the research of secondary literary resources. Justifications of the statements are provided with examples and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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