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Produce a report comparing the methodological approaches undertaken by the authors from two peer reviewed journal articles - Essay Example

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Produce a report comparing the methodological approaches undertaken by the authors from two peer reviewed journal articles Introduction Research is very important for enhancing our knowledge about certain known facts as well as exploring new knowledge. Without research, it is not possible to progress…
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Produce a report comparing the methodological approaches undertaken by the authors from two peer reviewed journal articles
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Extract of sample "Produce a report comparing the methodological approaches undertaken by the authors from two peer reviewed journal articles"

Download file to see previous pages Numerous researches have been conducted and are being conducted in various fields of studies. If a person wants to know some new thing of certain issue or enhance his/her knowledge regarding some commonly known issues, then indulging himself/herself in through research regarding the issue of his/her concern would be the best thing. It will also help others to know about certain things. However, conducting research is not an easy thing. A systematic way has to be adopted to obtain reliable and viable results. A research method comprises of various steps. There are also different kinds of research methodology. Methodology of researched vary according to the purpose and objective of researches. This paper will put its focus on comparing the methodological approaches undertaken by the authors from two peer reviewed journal articles. For the purpose of this study, two articles should be chosen from same field of research otherwise comparison of the methodologies will not be quite helpful. Various kinds of researches can be conducted in the same field of study and hence methods also differ on the basis of purpose of the studies irrespective of the field of study. In this paper a particular topic area has been chosen. The topic area under consideration is impacts of holding the world cup in a country, the pros and cons. The two research articles chosen for the present study belong to the topic area selected for the present purpose. The prodigious sport events have become so much demanding and super popular throughout the globe both for both the developed and developing countries in terms of property and possessions (Swart and Bob 2009). Hosting mega events like Olympic, the FIFA World Cup or World Cup Cricket, World Cup Rugby, World Cup Hockey, FA Cup and other mega sports events bring up some significant the long living on the hosting countries. It has been a kind of norm that Economists have been very skeptical about hosting very big events such as the Olympic Games or the World Cup, or the FA Cup because these events have reasonable costing scale and seem to have tangible benefits. These doubts are seldomly used by policy makers and the population who remains very excited about such events. Very often people talk about economic impacts of hoisting mega sports events. By the help of different trade models various researches have shows that hosting such big events do have a positive impact on national exports. Statistically, this effect is robust, large and permanent for countries who host such mega events. Also there are phenomenon where unsuccessful bids to host such events like Olympics have a similar positive effect on national exports. Here it can be said that the effect of mega sports events have a positive impact on trade wherein they send a signal that countries will have higher profit margin more in bidding to host the games rather than actually going out carrying out the mega events. But it is not very clear how this large effect on trade can be reconciled with the fall in GDP. Most probably, there is a signaling effect and a winners’ curse effect that works out over here. However, the effect of hosting mega sports events is not only limited to economical factors. The impacts can be economical, foundational, environmental or social. The impacts can be good or bad. It is really interesting to examine the impacts of hosting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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